150. Caroline Craven | Girl With MS | Part 2: blogging and building community


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In this episode, you’ll learn more about how she built a blog and a community as we carry on our chat with Caroline Craven. Tune in to the last part of our interview where we find out about Caroline's not-so-super-quick secrets. You’ll discover their favourite book, favourite place, scariest thing they’ve done and (our favourite) the weirdest thing they’ve ever done. What actions do they think needs to change to help people with chronic illnesses. Discover what is still possible after a diagnosis or accident, only on the DISabled to ENabled podcast ***Please note our giveaway is now closed***You can still claim your book on AmazonSearch ENabled Warrior Tracker. Check out Guest’s links:Http://girlwithms.comTwitter @thegirlwithMS Facebook.com/girlwithms.com(I’m starting a new fb for ConquerMSwithSelfCare) Join our tribe of ENabled warriors and fight back against your chronic illness!Facebook / ENabled Warriors Insta: @ DISabledtoENabledFollow our founder Jessie Ace as she shares her journey with Multiple Sclerosis and starting a business on www.jessieace.com Want to WIN $100? Just leave a review on iTunes, and at the end of each month we’ll choose one person at random to win. Here are some prompts right now to help you figure out what to put: who was your favorite guest and what did you learn from them? Will you listen to another episode? What did you like best about the show? Unsure how to leave a review on desktop and on a Phone*? Click the links to learn more. We got you covered. (*Android users may need to download the apple podcasts app)

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