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Mark Reeves has always had a keen interest in and passion for leadership, physical and outdoor education and health and wellbeing – an interest he lives and breathes. His particular leadership focus is mentoring, surrounding oneself with great people and leadership as a verb-not a position but action!

He has undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees from Melbourne University and in Outdoor Pursuits from Plas-Y-Brennin in North Wales, UK. They were tough days in Wales at a demanding training centre – this was where Shipton and Mallory of early Everest fame undertook their training! Ghosts abounded in those hallowed halls and crags.

In 1999 he established the Alpine School, Dinner Plain. The school now has three campuses with the Snowy River Campus at Marlo and the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus at Glenormiston. It is the only school of its type in a government system in the world.

Mark has always been active in the local community – he is a volunteer firefighter (Lieutenant) with the CFA and has chaired the Dinner Plain Community Centre. He coached hockey for Orbost and East Gippsland, is a volunteer for Marlo Coast Guard, is on the Curlip Paddle Steamer committee and was elected Mayor in November 2013.

Mark lives in Marlo at the mouth of the Snowy River and loves "things and people that go!"

Recorded live at the global event in Victoria, Australia in 2014.

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