Tom Herbert | Why Good Bread Needs To Be For Everyone


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Tom Herbert, 5th generation baker and ‘Crust Crusader’ shares why making bread is more than just flour and water. And why sourdough is going viral.

Fresh out of baking college, Tom won Young Baker of the Year with an ambition to ‘do for bread what Rick Stein has done for fish’. With a wealth of artisanal nous and a lively baking and business heritage, Tom and his family’s bakery, Hobbs House have gone on to collect numerous awards, been featured in the aforementioned Rick Stein’s Food Heroes and also featured in the Independent’s top 50 food shops.

Tom is passionate about eating, sharing and making bread. With a wood-fired oven at the family’s bakery/cafe by the stream in Nailsworth, Tom regularly gives talks, demonstrations and does bread making courses.

Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2012.

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