The Keys To Aging Well with Dr. Frank Lipman


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The Keys To Aging Well | This episode is brought to you by Bioptimizers and Paleovalley

When it comes to longevity, the goal isn’t just to live as long as possible. The true objective is to live as vibrantly and energetically as possible, for as long as possible. So how exactly do we do this?

On this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I was happy to sit down and talk with Dr. Frank Lipman about the biggest controlling factor when it comes to aging, the main longevity regulators in the body, and what we can do to activate them.

Dr. Frank Lipman is recognized as a vocal pioneer of integrative and Functional Medicine (or what he calls “good medicine”). Dr. Lipman is the founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and the Chief Medical Officer at The Well. He is a sought-after international speaker and the best-selling author of six books—How to Be Well, The New Health Rules, Young & Slim for Life, Revive and Total Renewal—and his newest book, The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality.

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Here are more of the details from our interview:

  • Combining ancient wisdom and modern research for healthy aging (8:06)

  • The changes Dr. Lipman has made in his own life to age well (11:01)

  • The biggest mistake people make in regards to food as it relates to aging (14:39)

  • Getting adequate protein to prevent muscle loss as you age (17:35)

  • How fasting supports the aging process, and the type of fasting that works best (20:15)

  • How sugar and starch drive the aging process, and why muscle function and recovery from injury is so essential as you age (27:35)

  • Why optimizing mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, is key to aging well (32:29)

  • Our epigenome, and why genetic predisposition is not the same as being predestined (38:06)

  • How meaning and mindset influence aging (48:07)

  • Is it worthwhile to take supplements? (50:09)

Learn more about Dr. Frank Lipman at and his new book, The New Rules of Aging Well, at

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