Ep. 126 | J.R. Todd


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We’re going NHRA drag racing this week with J.R. Todd of Kalitta Motorsports, who explains what he’s been in the gym doing to prepare to get back into his DHL Funny Car. For those who aren’t aware, Todd explains how he landed a ride with the legendary Connie Kalitta, and how close he was to turning around and getting a 9-5 job, to how life has changed for him in many ways. In making the switch from Top Fuel to Funny Car, Todd goes over the mental and physical challenges, and figuring it all out for the 2018 championship. What type of a person straps into a Funny Car, and not being intimidated by the engine sitting in front of you? Why driving a Funny Car is a constant battle, and breaking away at the misconception that drag racers are going straight. Todd also explains what he can process in three or four seconds during a run and what feel he’s looking for to have a competitive run, and for a non-contact sport, how rivalries develop. And we look at NHRA returning in July and how Todd views the changing schedule and trying to be successful in a unique season. Music created by Tony Monge. Upgrade your personal and professional sound and style with JBL. Visit www.JBL.com for speakers, headphones, gaming products, and other accessories. Wear the moment with BreakingT and connect to the players and teams you love by commemorating the best moments with real-time apparel. To check out their racing collection, visit www.breakingt.com/Kelly.

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