Changing Your Perspective Helps Your Heart (With Matt and Madison Meron)


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When you're going through something hard, it's easy to focus on your own troubles. This can lead to depression and anxiety, and a downward spiral in your heart.

But a great way to make things better is to look around to see what other people are dealing with and try to find ways to help them.

Join me for a great conversation with a young couple who are working with refugees and displaced people around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge problem for people who are in the midst of trying to be resettled in a new location. These people need your prayers, and in this episode we will give you an opportunity to help.

Matt and Madison Meron from Portland, Oregon are with me today via Zoom, and they'll help you change your mind and change your life!

Matt is an energetic, and enthusiastic individual who seeks to advance hope among the broken and vulnerable. He has experience in cross-cultural work, training others in team development, and creating content and curriculum. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and is a part of the Refugee Care Collective team. Madison is a compassionate, fierce woman who has made it her mission to advocate for voiceless, and bring attention to those who feel forgotten. She has experience in trauma-based training, working in crisis situations overseas, and cross-cultural engagement. Currently, she lives in Portland, Oregon and is pursuing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health. To support their work:

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