Easy Allies Podcast #197 - 1/17/20


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In a week full of major delays, we luck into a juicy report of Horizon: Zero Dawn releasing on PC in 2020. 00:00:39 - Corrections 00:02:32 - Tough Bouncers 00:05:45 - Horizon: Zero Dawn May Come to PC 00:23:53 - Sony Skipping E3 Again 00:46:33 - Big Delays for 2020’s Big Games 01:00:35 - This Week in Joker News 01:01:27 - L&R: Game: Underrated or Overrated 01:14:09 - L&R: Do we let hype rule us? 01:25:26 - Time for Bets 01:30:27 - Closing

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