Ep 227: Sam Miller- Mastering Your Metabolism


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This weeks guest @sammillerscience is here to answer all your metabolism questions and help you TRULY understand it.

Sam has over 14 years of experience in the industry and now mainly focuses on coaching coaches to master metabolism and hormones. Being one of the most knowledgeable guys in the space, we were PUMPED to pick his brain and get some awesome information from him. This episode will help anyone get a better understanding of metabolism and seriously improve their health journey!


Mitch: You talk a lot about Mastering metabolism, can you go into a little detail on what that entails and how to do that?

Zach: Tell us about your intake process with clients. I'm curious to know if you have all your clients get hormone panels? And also, how do you use these results to program nutrition?

Mitch: What are the best practices to keeping metabolism healthy?

Zach: You talk about the benefits and downsides to Intermittent fasting. I personally do IF because of GI related issues. When I eat too early in the morning I get some stomach aches. Now that I am increasing my protein it makes it hard, especially with a busy schedule. Talk about the benefits and downsides to IF.

Mitch: How does someone know when they need to reverse diet?

Zach: Adaptations- metabolic and hormonal- tell us a bit about how these work and how we can control them

Mitch: Nutritional periodization- weekly vs. monthly. Which is better?

Zach Building a metabolic menu

Mitch: Tell us about your viral corona virus post. Any additional thoughts on it?

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