Trump Gets COVID...Plus, Forbes Senior Editor, Dan Alexander, Follows the Trump Money Since Becoming President


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Forbes Senior Editor, Dan Alexander, has a new book called, White House Inc.: How Donald Trump Turned the Presidency Into a Business

The book details President Trump’s efforts to make money off of politics, taking us inside his exclusive clubs, luxury hotels, overseas partnerships, commercial properties, and personal mansions.

Dan tracks hundreds of millions of dollars flowing freely between big businesses and President Trump. He explains, in plain language, how Trump tried to translate power into profit, from the 2016 campaign to the ramp-up to the 2020 campaign.

But, just because there's all that money washing back and forth DOESN'T mean that Trump has made it profitable. He hasn't.

First, political analyst and correspondent, Michael Shure talks with Mark Thompson and J. Elvis Weinstein about Trump getting COVID-19 and the last debate forum in Cleveland (from which he's just returned).

Also, Trump's COVID situation and how it changes a political landscape already being readied for legal challenges to the outcome and for cyber attack among other things.

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2:00-20:00 Debate mess and Trump gets Covid.--J Elvis Weinstein and Michael Shure

20:00-51:00 Dan Alexander --White House Inc.

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