024: What to do When Your Partner Won't Grow With You w/ Janelle Fraser


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Have you ever struggled to get your spouse or significant other to join you on your journey of personal growth?

If your answer is YES, today’s episode is for you.

Today’s special guest is a dear friend of mine, who helps couples navigate communication, intimacy, and the ups and downs of life together.

She has nearly a decade of experience and has taught hundreds of workshops, retreats, and coached thousands of clients. As a relationship + intimacy expert, she helps women and couples grow together in their relationships, because she noticed that when you set out on a journey of personal growth, oftentimes your partner is reluctant to go on that journey with you.

Janelle shows you what to do about it, so you can stop worrying about how much you and your partner are growing apart, and start reconnecting with the person you love so you can once again feel like you did when you said “I do.”

As a sexual abuse survivor, committed partner, and mom, she’s passionate about helping couples grow in their love for each other so they can grow in their life together.

By the time you finish today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • The reason why busy-ness and burnout affects your relationships on every level
  • What to do when you’re on a journey of growth and your partner is not
  • Why external stress can undermine your internal transformation
  • The easy way to put boundaries in place and take a break, without sacrificing your progress
  • How you can have it all: be fully present in your relationships, have a thriving healthy body, and do successful, meaningful work without burning out
  • PLUS: why there’s freedom in not having it all figured out

You ready? Let's dive in!

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