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Martin North jumps into the deep end in this episode mythbusting common misconceptions of property, highlighting the terrible deals and properties people get sold into everyday. All property grows 7% every year, government grants are the best thing since sliced bread and believing that the cheap brand new property you just bought will help you ‘ride the market’... but then there is data.Here’s what we covered:

  • What is keeping property owners awake at night?
  • How have spending habits changed during Covid?
  • Are grants all that they are chalked up to be?
  • Are developers increasing their margins once new grants come out?
  • Breaking down the myth that once you're in the property market you can ride it out.
  • Why are people being misled by the government grants and buying new property?
  • What is more important, yield or growth?
  • What demographic is currently buying?
  • Why the sold data best determines post code future pricing.
  • Why you should NEVER go the cheap route with property.

This weeks dumbo:

  • Purchasing property just before an industrial development is built across the road.

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