Ep 144 - Tanja Lee | Making better sales agents (not genetically modified)


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While we search for the secret sauce on what makes a premium sales agent we find Tanja Lee, who believes we should flip the switch on how agents sell; leaving the egoic culture behind for trustworthiness and transparency. Tanja Lee started off as a vendor looking for their perfect agent, and now is one of the leading leadership development coaches in the real estate industry, coaching some of the top agents in the nation. Beyond becoming a better agent this episode has a plethora of helpful topics for vendors looking to sell and buyers looking to find their next property.Here’s what we covered:

  • What are sales agents doing to win you over?
  • Why do some agents fly and some flop when it comes to communication?
  • What should vendors be doing to get the most out of their sale?
  • How many sales agents should you speak to before finding the right fit?
  • What should you look for in sales agents?
  • How to significantly increase your conversion rate as a sales agent.
  • What ways can vendors get better results with an agent?

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