Ep 151 - Amanda Farmer | The Supreme Court’s pet showdown on strata property by-laws


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Amanda Farmer, Strata Lawyer, is a go-to-expert in "strata world" with over 15 years experience as a strata lawyer. Amanda joins us again to clear up what is going on in Strata properties when it comes to owning pets. Recently, the New South Wales Supreme Court declared that a blanket ban on pets in strata buildings is harsh, unconscionable or oppressive. Here’s Amanda’s take on:* What does this mean for strata owners and tenants?

* What pets are actually allowed & in what circumstances can they be banned?

* What are the limits of an executive corporation's reach?

* Does this mean there are some aspects of conduct you can't control?

* Why committees with internal conflict are likely to suffer over more than just the pets issue.* Top things buyers & tenants need to be aware of before they choose to purchase or rent a strata property.

For brilliant tips from an expert Strata Lawyer, Amanda Farmer, don’t miss this episode!

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