Ep 154 - Damian Collins | Will Perth make a comeback and return on investments?


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Speaking to Damian Collins, a well respected and experienced property expert on the current state and the future of the Perth property market. Damian is the founder and managing director of Momentum Wealth and has served on the REIWA Council since 2011 and was elected president of the institute in 2018. In this episode we ask the questions: will those who invested in the boom ever get their money back? Will Perth be the next hotspot and will it be able to contend with other capital cities?

Here’s what we covered:

  • Why has Perth performed so poorly compared to other capital cities?
  • What parts of Perth have stayed strong and grown in value?
  • Did the top end of the market struggle to move the high quality properties?
  • Where is the growth in the Perth market coming from?
  • What is Perth doing to get rid of their oversupply
  • Were grade A properties having a hard time to sell or were they always flying off?
  • How many new builds are being built every year?
  • How will the Perth property market change because of Covid?
  • Is the market owner-occupied dominated or investor dominated?
  • How has the rental stock been affected?
  • What types of clients are developing or in syndications

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This episode was recorded in November, 2020.

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