Suburb Trends December 2020 | Abolishing stamp duty & market wrap up


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2020 has been an insightful year, reshaping where people work, live and spend time. The question is what will 2021 bring? With the restructuring of stamp duty and opt in/opt out programs be a success? Moreover, will the government target this towards new properties like FHB grants or will it open the door, moving citizens away from new builds? In addition to the stamp duty conversation Kent and the team showcase capital cities performance during this year; which has the brightest outlook for the future?

Here’s what we covered:

  • How will the abolishment of stamp duty work?
  • Will flippers return to the market if they can opt out of stamp duty?
  • How can property buyers maximise their return when renovating?
  • How different states will calculate stamp duty and land tax differently?
  • What are small ways flippers can increase their profit margin?
  • How have the capital cities performed from one another?
  • Has Covid really affected the property market, or has it boomed?
  • Which small rural city has greatly benefitted from Covid?
  • Does the fall in listing matter if the price of property rises?

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