Suburb Trends November 2020 | University towns: Investors dream or nightmare?


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In this edition of Suburbs Trends, Kent gives the scoop on the current state of university towns and feeder suburbs. With the majority of international students returning to their country of origin during the beginning of COVID Australian university towns especially in Victoria have suffered the consequences with high unemployment, low property prices and skyrocketing rental vacancies. Will these regions bounce back and how will it happen?

Here’s what we covered:

  • How will zero overseas students in Australia impact university towns?
  • Will reduced overseas students lower property prices?
  • Why is Newcastle such a hot area?
  • How have the surrounding university suburbs been impacted by Covid?
  • What 'property fads' should investors and home buyers stay away from?
  • How have Victorian suburbs been impacted by the drop in overseas students with 7 out of the 20 top universities residing in VIC?
  • How many units are hitting the market and is there likely to be another fire sale of poor cheap assets?
  • How have the developers targeted their marketing towards Chinese investors?
  • Why landlords of new property can’t differentiate their property besides dropping rent.
  • What are the lies of 'building subdivisions' and getting a greater yield?

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