Suburb Trends October 2020 | Regions with positive market growth w/ Kent Lardner


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In this Suburb Trends update, Kent and the team talk shop on the cardinal rule of the Australian property market; that there is not just one market. This being said why is that? What makes property different? The team discusses the differences between the aspirational and the affordable property markets noting why developers choose to offload ‘premium’ builds in low socio economic areas expecting to create some hidden growth.Here’s what we covered:

  • What’s happening in the world of regional property?
  • Where will people be more inclined to move to; a sea or tree change?
  • Connecting the correlation between LMI data and Kent’s ‘danger zones’
  • Why quality houses in great locations always outperform units in the same area.
  • What unit markets are currently in danger?
  • How does the LMI risk data highlight low growth areas?
  • What data points don’t match up to the high or low performance of an area?
  • Why are developers choosing to create projects in low socio economic areas? Is it the right idea or are they trying to manufacture growth?

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