1513: Slowing down to be a Success and Avoiding the Hurry to be a Failure with Victor Green Investor and Partner of Snowhub Inc


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Victor Green was born in London, England, and from a very young age, he always wanted to know how business worked and how to do everything himself. He was able to assess things quickly and knew what needed to be done in business situations. Because of this, he could spot opportunities and move faster than others. Victor had business smarts and the ability to make quick decisions. His energy, and inquisitive nature, made him look at many business opportunities, some of which he tried before he eventually became his own boss. Ideas such as: opening a deli, importing cuff links from the USA, silk ties from Italy, importing Sangria from Spain. His first full-time business venture was starting a publishing company. From this he went on to start many other businesses, such as organizing conventions, printing, advertising, direct mail, PR, photography, import and export, manufacturing, soccer clubs, website design, creating portal websites, real estate, finance company, business consulting, mentoring and lecturing on business matters. His business experience also covers selling and acquiring businesses, helping company start-ups and revitalizing failing businesses.

“take your time. Don’t be in a hurry to be a failure. Slow down and be a success. Don’t run, run, run, run, run and think oh this is great I have got to do it tomorrow; I have got to do it tomorrow. It’s worth taking the extra time, if it’s a month, six months or a year to get it right. What you have to realise is that if you make a mistake then that factor could cripple you for the rest of your life. You could end up with debts which you have to pay off so your life is virtually ruined because of this. So please, please, please take your time, do your research and when you’ve done it in, do it again and if needy do it again to make sure that you are not being biased in your mind wanting… What is your USP, what is your unique selling point, what will make you better and different to what’s on the market? That’s what it’s all about. Then people say if I buy from them, I get ABC but I also get E and F because that’s a little bit more, that’s what it’s about”…[Listen for More]

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