1524: Discovering and Amplifying Your Superpower with Jake Carlson Founder and Owner of Lifeplan Legal


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Jake Carlson is a business coach, host of the Modern Leadership Podcast and founder of LifePlan Legal, a values-based estate planning firm. An avid traveler, Jake took his three kids out of school for the adventure of a lifetime, spending a year living in 12 countries from Bagan, Myanmar to Paris, France, overcoming robbery, redeye flights and Haggis while learning to love the rich cultures of the world.

“you have got to get in the game, you have got to go after it, you have got to passionate about it. And if you are not passionate about it you have got to find a different goal, you have got to find a different game to play. You have got to be willing to get up early, you have got to be willing to stay up late, you have got to be willing to get off that couch and turn off the Netflix. You have got to be willing to go that distance and if you’re not my advice is find something else you are passionate about. We live in a world where you can accomplish so many amazing things aligning with your passion don’t keep beating your head against the wall trying to accomplish something that is not your passion”…[Listen for More]

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