205: Marin Hospital—Essential Oils for Pre-Surgery Patients


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For patients about to undergo surgery, high anxiety before anesthesia translates to high anxiety after patients wake up…and consequently, more pain. Christine Castillo-Chavez and other nurses at Marin Hospital led a study to measure the effect of inhaling essential oils on anxiety levels in pre-operative patients, with surprising results.

Christine has been an operating room nurse, medical administrator, and a Surgical Technology department chair.  She has written award-winning college curriculum and work force manuals for the state of Texas, and currently manages Marin General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Center. Christine’s ultimate goal is seeking excellence in areas affecting the surgical patient. Christine feels every area that touches the surgical patient from sterile processing, preadmission nurse to the surgical and postsurgical team must seek the goal of cohesive communication in order to have positive patient outcomes.

Stress and anxiety don’t have to be the norm for patients…or for you. In numerous studies, essential oils have been shown to be anti-stress rockstars. Take matters into your own hands!

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