211: Weight Loss via Mindset & Essential Oils


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What if what’s holding you back from achieving your ideal weight isn’t the amount of calories you consume, or which diet you’re on, or how many hours you log at the gym…what if the key to sustained weight loss actually resided in your relationship with yourself, and the work you need to “put in” is giving your body love, not shame or hate?

Steph Hendel is a women's weight loss coach, internationally recognized health personality, mom, wife and mentor to the tens of thousands of women who follow her work online. Steph chose to build her body with love, lost 40 pounds and has kept it off for 6+ years after struggling with it for most of her life.  Steph's weight loss coaching is unique with her focus on emotional intelligence, inner work, mindset, self-healing and manifestation. 

Swap toxic beliefs for empowering, loving ones…learn to raise the vibe…and change your body with much less effort and a lot more love!

Resources mentioned in this week’s episode include: Grapefruit essential oil stephhendel.com

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