TheESP – Ep. #258 – Small Evil vs. Big Evil


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This week Annika has got some real nutty advice in the mail. She has also made a cameo on the Skeptic Zone, check it out!. Things are flying in the air, in Norway it was a meteor (landing as a meteor-ite, thank you very much) and in Sweden it was a real(?) UFO! Rudolph II (“Holy Roman Emperor, Batman!”) died in 1612, but his contribution to our understanding of the universe lives on. Pope Francis’ bishops are dropping like flies as if God doesn’t exist, we get a Covid-19 update and then it’s time for us to look at the news: The COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook by S. Lewandowsky Antivaxxers minority but very loud The journal Nature retracts paper linking BMI with honesty Talk to me – Corona Edition, App launched in English and German Wikipedia just turned 20 EFSA approves mealworms as human food Consultation launched over gene edited food in England Our forests on track to reaching a tipping point Fake doctor withdraws from lawsuit We finish with a Really Wrong Award going to the Irish Commission to investigate the infamous Mother-and-Baby homes. Enjoy! Segments: Intro; Greetings; This Week; Pontus Pokes the Pope; Covid Update; News; Really Wrong; Quote and Farewell; Outro; Out-takes Events Calendar:

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