097: John Palumbo – Global Real Estate Bargain Hunter Says Buy Beachfront


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Today’s guest on the Expat Money Show is an international speaker, author, and an expert in the international real estate market. He has been published and interviewed by numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal and is the author of nine books on the psychology of influence and persuasion, including his best-seller, SalesNosis: The Art of Hypnotic Persuasion. He has more than three decades of experience and has personally closed over one billion dollars in real estate sales.

Today, I have the privilege of talking with him about Global property finds in Morocco, Greece, Brazil, and Mexico.

John classifies himself as a Global Bargain Hunter. After 35 years in the real estate business, he’s figured out the pros and cons of buying and selling internationally.

Mikkel Thorup and John Palumbo's discussion takes them around the world, where John is passionate to buy, and where he would steer clear from.

Topics discussed in detail in this interview:

  • The most important things to know about buying and selling international real estate
  • Understanding the currency
  • Will this be a rental property or a vacation home?
  • John’s hilarious ‘Horror Story’
  • Travel Medical Insurance

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How to Reach John Palumbo

John encourages you to write to him at palumboj@aol.com. He responds personally to every email. So if you’re interested in buying or selling international real estate, John is there to help.

Instagram at @palumboj where you can view his pictures from around the world.

Facebook @JohnAPalumbo

Final Thoughts

This was a fascinating conversation with my good friend John Palumbo who is a world traveller buying and selling real estate. Over the past 35 years, John has figured out what to do and what not to do. If you see real estate in your future, please make sure you set aside an hour and listen to this great episode.

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