Ep. 131: Can Poor Parenting Cause Addiction? with Guest Anthony Migliorino


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Today I was joined by Anthony Migliorino, the man who can lay claim to the title of being the single greatest influence in my life to take my understanding and appreciation for my role as a father and my connection to my children to the next level. Anthony and I discuss addiction and how a troubled childhood can be the cause. A big takeaway for me from this conversation is that maybe the kids aren't running to the drugs, alcohol, etc. maybe they're running away from the pain of their past. Hear us talk about that and much more in our discussion which includes not just diving into the topic, but also (and importantly) sharing solutions. Find Anthony at the Resources Below: BLOG: https://peacefulfathers.com/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PeacefulFathers INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/peacefulfathers/ ************************************************************** Want to support the work I'm doing? www.thefamilyalpha.com/Donate ************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE to the Email List for premium content: www.TheFamilyAlpha.com/Newsletter ************************************************************** Join Anthony and I in the The Fraternity of Excellence, a place where fathers, husbands, single gents, (all men)come together to become better men; Be held to a standard by your motivated peers: www.FraternityofExcellence.com ************************************************************** Zac's Social Media: TWITTER: www.twitter.com/ZacSmall_ INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/ZacSmall_ FACEBOOK: www.Facebook.com/Zachary.Small.9 BLOG: www.thefamilyalpha.com/ If you'd like to work 1 on 1 email ZSmall@TheFamilyAlpha.com ************************************************************** MUST READ BOOKS FOR ALL MEN SANCTION: amzn.to/2FSWzqi Gates of Fire: amzn.to/2Fuc3DA The Way of Men: amzn.to/2RP3Uer ************************************************************** For all Business/Sponsorship inquires email ZSmall@TheFamilyAlpha.com This podcast is not to be reproduced without prior authorization.

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