Uncertainty, Hiring and Exits — In Good Company #2


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The Family Directors share their views on entrepreneurship with you!

“In Good Company” is a live discussion, a spontaneous moment to discuss our thoughts on the tech startup world.
🌎 Feel free to join us every Monday 6pm CET
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This week we talked about:

00:00 — Intro

03:07 — Unpredictable problems and the importance of adaptability

13:54 — Hiring, reference checks and diversity in your initial team

28:25 — Exits: the impact of how and who you sell your startup to

37:11 — When should you apply at The Family?

44:19 — The new social contract

50:08 — Raising a seed based on an idea and team

52:58 — Book recommendations for building your culture

56:17 — How to meet potential cofounders

At The Family, we believe that tech entrepreneurship can build better societies. The Family is a long-term, minority shareholder dedicated to supporting ambitious founders in learning and building their businesses.
In the past 8+ years, we’ve been there for hundreds of startups and thousands of entrepreneurs as they’ve collectively raised over $800M and continued taking their startups to the next level. Our portfolio includes companies quickly developing into market leaders such as Algolia, Payfit, and many more!

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