29: SotF - The Last Day of Filming (And Some Hope for the Future)


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Well, folks, it finally happened: filming wrapped on the final episode of Supernatural. In this week's "State of the Fandom" (SotF), Chrisha and Catherine walk us through their experience of The Last Day. From the genius and viral "Thank You Supernatural" hashtag from fanfic author tricia_16, to tributes from past and present guests and costars, to messages from the show's leads, it was a day full of emotion: love, sadness, pride, and overwhelming gratitude. The episode closes with some squeeing from Jensen's recent interview with Michael Rosenbaum--and some very exciting and well-timed good news, which gives Chrisha and Catherine some hope for the future.
Audio clip credits: "Inside of You Podcast with Michael Rosenbaum"

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