They Never Know When to Leave the Party


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Unrest in the streets, discord in Washington, economic data tanking . . . and the markets are up?
Michael Farr welcomes Jim Iurio to help decipher what is going on. Jim says the markets will continue to rebound -- but the path won't be straight up. And he has a hopeful message about the current unrest in the US. Dan Mahaffee gives a DC perspective and what the handling of the pandemic and the death of George Floyd could mean for US politics, and geo-politics.

For this week's special guest, Michael is joined by Jeff Saut of Saut Strategies, and Chief Market Strategist for Capital Wealth Planning LLC. Jeff has over 40 years of experience in the markets, and takes a long view. He says the secular bull market that began, depending on how you count, in 2008, 2009, or 2013 is still moving forward. There will be pullbacks, and headwinds, but for the long term investor, Jeff maintains the biggest risk is not being invested.
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