Episode 33 Billy Flanagan A Dad with a special needs daughter the driving force behind his incredible health transformation.


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By Billy Flanagan

My name is Billy Flanagan, I live in Minnesota, with my wife and daughter. My driving force in fasting and dedicating myself to becoming healthier is to be able to care for my special needs daughter, Seeley. She has autism and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and she is a very busy girl. Prior to my choice to fast, I struggled with keeping up. Now, I am able to play and manage her constantly changing needs.

In just over three months, I have been able to accomplish quite a bit and I am eager to connect with more people working toward the same goals I am. As a special needs dad, I run a page with my wife, and several groups dedicated to dads, I am looking to find like-minded people regarding health and wellness. If you'd like to read more about our journey, you can always find us at www.flanaville.com or on Facebook at FlanaVille.

Billy Flanagan


Update- Billy has now lost a staggering 45kg (100 pounds ) since starting fasting last July- 2020.


Happy New Year and thank you for all for the support in 2020. Thank you also to those buying my book "The Fasting Highway'' a story of my journey that has resonated with hundreds of people around the world. Follow the link below if you would like to buy a copy on Amazon.

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