Episode 34 Kim Rains- A 61 year old nurse who has had a lifetime of weight issues and found intermittent fasting, losing 20 KG (43 pounds).


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By Kim Rains

I am 61 years old, wife, mother and grandma of 4 with 5th one on the way. I live in Renton, Washington, outside of Seattle. I am a nurse with 40 years at the same hospital in Seattle, Washington. My current job is clinical coordinator for our joint replacement program.

Two of my favourite things that IF has enabled me to do is, one, being able to attend wine dinners with my husband. We both have a love for wine, visiting wineries, and dinners paired with wine. Second, the absolute energy to keep up with my grandkids who are 6, 5, 3, and 1 with another on the way.


Last time I remember being a normal weight, I was 6 yrs. old in kindergarten. The following summer I had my tonsils taken out. That was a thing they did a lot back then, especially if you were sick a lot which I was. After that I was always what they called a chubby kid. My whole life I was never at “normal weight,” always 30 to 40 pounds overweight in my teens and early 20’s. Then, babies came, and I never lost that extra baby weight. During my 30s and 40s, Weight Watchers was my go-to for weight loss. However, during the numerous times I joined, I never made my goal weight. In my 50s, I tried exercise, road biking, running, and finally CrossFit just to find out you cannot exercise your way out of bad eating. Not till I came across Gin Stephens' “Delay Don’t Deny” and Jason Fung’s “The Obesity Code” did I find a way to lose weight and keep it off. February 2021 will be my 2-year anniversary with IF. I am down 43 pounds, which is not at my goal weight. I am pursuing another 30 pounds to get to my goal. However, I feel great, clothes feel good, and dropped my A1C from 5.8 pre-diabetic to 5.5 normal range. Last, I am never going to worry again that the weight will be coming back.

SW 218

CW 175

GW 145


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