Episode 35 -Bill McElree 30 Kg (65 pounds lost) in 5 months with Intermittent Fasting and completing The couch to 5 k challenge.


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Bill McElree is 54 years young and is from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He works as a Wedding Director (officiant, planner, DJ) and has done so for 25 years. Bills starting weight with intermittent fasting was 100.8kg ( 240lbs) and he has reached his goal weight of 79.4kg (175lbs).

It took Bill five months eating two meals a day, then he moved to one meal a day. He made some healthy choices and went from not being able to jog 2 minutes to now managing up to 30 minutes . He does not get winded tying his shoes and can “see his feet” as he put it. Bill went from wearing a size 40 pants to a size 33. Bill now likes what he sees in the mirror and finds it great motivation after really seeing himself in the reflection.

I had a great chat with Bill who is a super inspiring man who made some decisions around his health that have proven the right ones. He gave a great insight into living an intermittent fasting lifestyle. His dedication to doing the couch to 5 k and his determination is admirable.


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