Is God Actually Good? - Tough Scriptures (Part Six)


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The Fire House Chronicles w/ Matt and Katie Spinks A Revelatory Nuggets Episode Is God really extravagantly good? Can I truly rest in God’s loving arms? what about the violent scriptures in the Bible? In this episode we cover: What about God dashing babies against the rocks? Is. 13:16 The harsh God of the OT? God slaying people throughout the OT? What about Ananias & Sapphirra? God killing Herod??? The harsh Jesus in the book of Revelation? God sending people to hell? Does God torment? Does God torture?? Questions or comments? Email: Want to go deeper in this kind of revelation? Check out our Glory Foundations Class at: Visit our website at: Been blessed by this ministry? Partner with us financially to spread this GOOD NEWS! Click here TO DONATE:

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