606. No Bullsh*t Approach to Buyer Personas


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Our very special guest host Casey Chesire of The Hard Corps Marketing Show takes over the Flip My Funnel Podcast today! Casey lives up to his reputation for fun conversations with the smartest, most badass marketers out there while interviewing author and industry expert, Adele Revella about her No BS approach to buyer personas.

By throwing out many of things we thought we knew about how to develop a buyer persona, Adele shares her methods for getting the answers you actually need to market to your buyer effectively.

They explored:

  • The 2 biggest myths about knowing your buyers
  • Why it is not enough to simply have a picture and a name for a Buyer Persona
  • How to interview your buyers effectively
  • Why demographics are rarely as important as you think
  • Adele Revella’s new book: Buyer Personas

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This special takeover episode of Flip My Funnel is hosted by Casey Chesire Marine, Author, Adventurer, Founder of Cheshire Impact and Host of: Hard Corps Marketing.


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