641. What It Really Means to be a Leader Taking Action


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The point of leadership is to produce some desired and intended end result.

To actually get something done.

Think about the word “executive”. The word “execute” is right there at the heart of it.

Leadership is all about taking action — and getting your team to take action, too.

So, what are the keys to getting it done? How can you encourage your team to be productive and efficient?

That’s exactly what we talked about on the latest #FlipMyFunnel episode. We’ve been doing a mini-series on leadership and for the past two episodes we’ve been focused on how important communication is to being a great leader.

But now we’re switching gears. We’re taking a look at what it means to be a leader who takes action. And Joe Kerner, Partner and COO at Prestige Leadership Advisors, is here to share his expertise on the matter.


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