FoC 124: Waking Up From Disordered Attachments with Seth Haines


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The psychology of addiction is fascinating. What makes us reach for the things that we’re addicted to? Maybe we’re not addicted to heroin but do we have disordered attachments? When pain hits us as stress or emotional trauma do we reach for that glass of wine, binge a show on Netflix, or refresh those social media apps to see if one more like is there? What are the spiritual implications to numbing our pain with the things that can’t heal our pain?

In this episode we’re talking with Seth Haines about his newest release, The Book of Waking Up. Seth is a husband, dad, lawyer, and writer. Like many of us, he’s no stranger to addiction and he shares about his own story in this new book. He also dives into the why behind our addictions and how we are so prone to have disordered attachments even to good things that are gifts from God!

In this episode we discuss attachments and their failure to satisfy the human heart that is wired for Divine Love. Seth shares about how the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola can help us be honest with ourselves and examine our attachments. And we talk about how Mary is the model for a human being truly alive to life–it’s pain and it’s joys. It’s a great conversation so grab a cup of coffee (maybe? do you have a disordered attachment to caffeine like us?) and listen in!

Things we talked about:

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The Book of Waking Up by Seth Haines

Coming Clean by Seth Haines

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

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