Does A Stellar Jobs Report Mask Future Problems?


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The June jobs report revealed 4.8 million jobs were added last month and the unemployment rate fell to 11.1 percent. President Trump touted the report during a White House press conference saying, "our economy is roaring back." FOX Business Correspondent Charlie Gasparino weighs in on the jobs report, why there is a declining momentum to get a stimulus package done in July and why consumer confidence is up despite the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

In four months, it will be Election Day, when Americans will decide whether or not to give President Trump a second term in The White House. Brian Kilmeade Co-host of Fox and Friends and Host of The Brian Kilmeade Show joins to discuss the 2020 election and his Fox Nation special "What Made American Great."

Don't miss the good news with Tonya J. Powers.

Plus, commentary by Retired US Marine Staff Sergeant and host of the Proud American podcast Johnny "Joey" Jones.

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