Episode 200 With Sam Richardson - Other Half Brewing


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We are joined on our milestone 200th episode with owner/brewmaster of Other Half Brewing, Sam Richardson. We discuss many things including:

- The lore and reputation Other Half has in California.

- What the New York / NYC beer scene looked like prior to Other Half.

- Was New England style IPA the plan?

- Approach to Other Half's IPA.

- Selling beer in the most expensive market in the world.

- The drastic pivot once COVID hit.

- Lighting up Williamsburg and DC and why?

- How friendships and collabs with other star breweries has shaped the beer and the Other Half brand.

- Beer as a luxury item.

- What festivals may look like in the future.

- How will Other Half preserve their prestige as they mature.

- Does Sam want to be in the same conversation as a larger than life beer figure head (Jim Koch, Sam Calagione, etc).

- How far does Other Half expand?

And much more!

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