027 - Behind the Scenes of the Full-Time FBA Amazon Business


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Today on the show, we give you a behind the scenes look at The Full-Time FBA Amazon business journey: How we got started doing FBA, how we’ve progressed to working part-time hours with a full-time income, and the key decisions, tools, and systems that have had the biggest impact on getting our business where it is today.

We start from the very beginning before we were even married! From browsing thrift stores and garage sales to hunting clearance items, to mastering retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and outsourcing, to selling via wholesale, automatic-repricing, and much more – get ready to go down the many paths that have guided our business toward success.

We’re all different, and so our journeys will be different too! This is just our story and since many of you out there have asked us to tell it, here it is! The high notes, the low notes, the things that have made the biggest impact on the business and could help yours to expand and improve too!

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