030 - The Truth Behind Amazon's Return Policy - The Good The Bad and the Ugly


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Could Amazon's return policy actually be a good thing for Amazon sellers? We all know that sinking feeling attached to a return notification from Amazon. While returns may not be our favorite part of the job of being an Amazon seller, it is a necessary aspect of business to deal with. Amazon's amazing return policy, as we explain in today's show, actually contributes to what makes Amazon such a great platform in the first place. Amazon is well-known for the ease with which a return can be logged, and the flexibility of this service is one of the ways Amazon is such a great place to shop!

In our conversation on the topic of returns, we talk about the somewhat obvious drawbacks of having to deal with returns, before we dive into the silver lining of these features. We also chat about the small amount of policy abuse when it comes to returns and the best course of action to deal with a customer's potential abuse of Amazon's return policy. We have a number of helpful and free resources to share with you throughout the episode, so stay tuned to the end to make sure you don't miss out.

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