032 - Online Arbitrage - Advanced Strategies for OA Success with Rebecca Smotherman


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Today we are following up on last week's show on online arbitrage. While we explored beginner strategies in that episode, today we are taking things a step further and going deep on some advanced tips and tricks for your OA endeavors. Rebecca is once again in the hot seat and answering all the questions on online arbitrage, tools, and mindset, so get ready for a whole lot of useful information!

In this episode, we cover some of the basics of what makes OA so useful to your Amazon business before getting into potential hurdles that you can run into. Rebecca shares some great ways to minimize trouble issues and keep going when something comes up — mindset is key! From there, we talk about a host of tools, both paid and free that can make your OA experience that much easier and profitable, so make sure to look out for that. The last part of the episode is spent considering what the next few years might look like in the online arbitrage world. This episode is sure to help the OA aspect of your FBA business grow.

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