038 - Is There Still Room for New Amazon FBA Sellers


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Whether you're just starting to sell on Amazon or you've been selling for a while, you might have asked yourself if the number of Amazon sellers was getting to a saturation point. Every day, more sellers start selling on Amazon, but are there too many now or is there still room for new sellers?

For those of you who are gathering information, trying to decide, “Is this the right time for me? Am I going to start selling on Amazon?” Well, you’re in the right place. In today's show, we'll address where this thought process comes from, stemming from fears about not enough inventory and too much competition. You'll learn how the fact that Amazon has continued to expand and innovate over the years, steadily attracting more customers, and becoming the go-to place for online shoppers, and how that impacts you as a seller or potential new seller.

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