044 - Reverse Wholesale Sourcing Strategies - Interview with Dylan Frost


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Wholesale sourcing does not have to be so hard. Most people who want to get into Amazon wholesale selling have met with the same old methodologies. But on today’s show, we’ll discuss a different formula for getting wholesale on Amazon right, which includes a simple, tried-and-tested model for reverse wholesale sourcing.

Today, Stephen interviews Dylan Frost from The Wholesale Formula. Dylan, together with his business partner Dan Meadors, has achieved impressive results and is now teaching others the secrets to his success. Dylan shares how Dan first introduced him to wholesale on Amazon and how he soon felt confident enough to leave his day job, which was becoming increasingly unfulfilling. Dylan discusses how their formula differs from the traditional approach, the steps newcomers should take to get started, what kind of time you should be prepared to invest in the early days, and why it can be as simple as finding one good wholesale account to potentially change your life!

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