Lonely Road


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Time to dive deep into some loner folk and trippy tunes. A lot of this episode was found via Mexican Summer and Anthology Recordings, two most epic labels, if you're curious. Plenty of goodies to be had this week. Thanks for tuning in and let's get to it.
1: Bob Edmund - Saturday Thought
2: Billy Green - This Must Be The End
3: Friends - Lonely Road
4: The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow
5: Arthur Lee & Love - Somebody's Watchin' You
6: Ox-Bow Incident - Reach Out
7: Art Lown - Deep Blue Sea
8: PAINT - Rokc Muzik
9: Peter Matthew Bauer - Philadelphia Raga
10: Tonstartssbandht - Livin' In Hope
11: Mata Hari - Easy
12: Waren Zevon - Join Me In LA
13: Danny Graham - Love Start
14: Robert Lestor Folsom - Written In Your Hair
15: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Death To Everyone
16: Robison Kaplan Ltd. - Hide Yourself Away

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