Play With Fire


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Well... as California is pretty much burnt to a crisp, I thought it fitting to put an episode together of mildly dark psych and some fiery instrumentals.
1: Andrew Oldham Orchestra - Play With Fire
2: Richard In Your Mind - Four Leaf Clover Salad
3: Secos & Molhados - Assim Assado
4: Hoodwink - If I Had The Words
5: Jean Claude Vannier - La Horse
6: Brian Jonestown Massacre - Malela
7: Casa Das Maquinas - Vou Morar No Ar
8: Ramsey Lewis Trio - Slipping Into Darkness
9: Junior Parker - Tomorrow Never Knows
10: The Gang Of Harry Roesli - Don't Talk About Freedom
11: Michael Liggins & The Supersouls - Loaded To The Gills
12: Phil Manzera (801) - TNK (Tomorrow Never Knows)

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