The Spark That Bled


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This week we dive into a deep headspace of ethereal aural enjoyments. Lot's of production on these ensuing tracks, and lots to take away. Time to enter a Fuzz daydream of sorts. Relax.
1: Joe Wong - Nite Creatures
2: Moondog - Be A Hobo (Alternate Version)
3: The Flaming Lips - The Spark That Bled
4: Psychic Ills - Coca Cola Blues
5: Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Johnny Appleseed
6: George Harrison - Party Seacombe
7: The Makers - Don't Challenge Me
8: Arthur Russell - Hiding Your Present From You
9: Trees Speak - Soul Sequencer
10: Kevin Coyne - Eastbourne Ladies
11: Anthony Moore - Driving Blind
12: Paul McCartney - On The Way

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