TGP S01E25 | Berry Lowman's Motorama LIFE


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Berry Lowman is a gearhead like us.

I met Berry on Twitter almost 10 years ago, but we didn’t get a chance to really talk until we recorded this episode of The Gearhead Project.

He does open road racing in a Corvette. He drives the latest Ford press vehicles. He doesn’t get into religion or politics online. And he help organized Motorama LIVE, a weekly Twitter chat seen by millions back in the golden, pre-shillbot days of Twitter.

He’s the kind of gearhead you want to hang out with.


  • Berry’s Open Road Racing activities (like rally, but simpler)
  • How he and the crew made Motorama LIVE a hit
  • The hustle required to make it all possible.

And I even talk to myself a bit when Berry’s phone dies mid-conversation. I could have edited it out, but we keep it real ‘round these parts, so I left it in (lest anyone think you have to be some kind of professional radio personality to do a podcast).

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