Can Twitter Be Used to Start a Movement? with @LadyLawyerDiary Jaime Santos and Kendyl Hanks [176]


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There is more to social media than just mindless scrolling and Instagram rabbit holes. In fact, Jaime Santos and Kendyl Hanks have managed to create a forum celebrating women in the law, highlighting their war stories, and occasionally outing stupid sexist stuff under the Twitter account @LadyLawyerDiary

Kendyl is an appellate advocate, who litigates high-stakes business litigation and test cases involving contract disputes, fraud, fiduciary duty, alter ego, constitutional law, to name a few.

Jaime A. Santos is an appellate litigation associate where works on cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and federal appellate and trial courts, on a wide range of cases. She has helped to spearhead sexual harassment reforms within the federal judiciary and has testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding these issues.

Jaime and Kendyl share:

  • How the idea for the account @LadyLawyerDiary came about, their main goal and purpose for the forum,
  • Changes and impact made by the forum in the community,
  • Why they chose Twitter as opposed to other social media platforms,
  • And interesting stories from account users.

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