Millennial Burnout, Perfectionism, and Our Four Year Anniversary [181]


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We are celebrating our four-year anniversary on the pod! Yowza! Thank you so much for your continued support. It means the world to Karima and me. In this celebratory episode, Karima and I are chatting about a symptom that many Millennials seem to be suffering from and don’t even realize it – Millennial burnout. We also touch upon the issue of perfectionism that many lawyers find themselves grappling with. Must we spend hours reviewing a simple email out of fear of sending a less-than-perfect draft? We round out the conversation by exploring what “self-care” really means and if it truly lives up to its promise.

Resources Mentioned:

How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation article

Millennials Care About Job Titles So Much They'll Take a Pay Cut For Them article

Millennial Attorneys and the Pressure to Be Perfect article

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