Episode 112: Designing for Humans and Machines


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Human-centered design has helped to make truly great products, by designing the product so that the user has a great experience and perceives value. Now, to be successful, we have to design products that consider intelligent machines as users and optimize the interactions they have with human users.

In this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast, Jon Prial and Lindsay Ellerby, Senior Designer at Normative, discuss the concept of centaur design - designing solutions for a world of AI-human hybrid systems.

You’ll hear about:

  • What EQ looks like in machines
  • How to think about the user in an age of intelligent machines
  • How to create positive human-machine interactions
  • What centaur design is and how it will impact the future of design

Who is Lindsay Ellerby?

Lindsay Ellerby is a designer who excels in the messy overlaps between business, technology and human context. Throughout her 10+ year career, she has honed skills in information architecture, interaction design, design research and strategy. Since joining Normative in 2009, she delivers strategic and tactical leadership on a diverse range of projects - everything from design and software development to creating strategic roadmaps for clients.

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