Andre Obradovic: Avoiding Excuses and Middle Age Male Muppet Belly Fat


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Andre “Dr. Dre” Obradovic is a one-of-kind Australian national treasure and you will love his spicy, sporty positive disposition and no-nonsense approach to goal-setting, lifestyle optimization, and holding yourself accountable for both your attitude and behavior.

In this lively show, we cover the benefits of micro-workouts and how to protect against overtraining, and how to stay focused and motivated when your routine is disrupted by quarantine. Andre admits that laziness got in the way of his twice-daily yoga routine, and shares how he quickly made it a habit again within just three days. He also gives some seriously great tips for productivity and explains why he doesn’t even turn his iPhone on until after he’s done training and/or has finished at least a “big chunk” of work.

Then we delve into the important topic of how to stave off the accumulation of the unhealthy visceral fat (belly fat) that has inflammatory properties and creates a slippery slope whereby the accumulation of a little belly fat begets the accumulation of more fat. We discuss the ideal sources of motivation and accountability. For example LGN - is it silly, or a great motivator? Should we be more honest and direct with our buddies and training partners to keep each other accountable?

Andre is a recovering corporate executive who endured a mid-life crisis and an awakening that led him to become a life coach, endurance training coach, and accomplished amateur triathlete in the 50+ division of half-ironman racing. You will love his no nonsense, no excuses, highly quantified approach but one that’s dispensed with kindness and sensitivity. Learn more about Andre’s coaching offerings and interesting fitness App at


One of the topics of this discussion is LGN (Look Good Naked)! [03:38]

Andre talks about how he converted his garage into a gym during the quarantine. [08:32]

Micro workouts are a real asset to have around the home. It comes without risk. [10:58]

It is important to make a real habit of sticking to an exercise routine. [14:04]

Keep the phone charging in your workout area, so when you go to get it, you will be prompted to do a mini-workout. [16:27]

Don’t get sore. Sprints should last no longer than 20 seconds. [19:50]

When preparing for a race, you don’t need to work at that race pace. [22:33]

People in the fifty plus age group need to talk about visceral fat (belly fat). It is inflammatory. [26:20]

In the Framingham Study, they discovered that obesity is contagious. [30:35]

What holds guys back from getting in better shape? [33:19]

How important is it to weigh every day? [40:15]

It is great to talk straight. Health is a choice. [45:08]

Exercising is great but it is the diet that needs your attention. [50:38]

Checking knowledge, not bullshit, and acknowledging your situation is the goal. [52:27]

Calories in and Calories out…….It’s a myth. [55:05]

It takes four to five weeks to see results. [58:54]

What do you do if you have tried everything we have suggested here and see no results? [01:01:19]

Is wanting to look good naked a good motivator? [01:06:09


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