Listener Q&A - MAF Heart Rate Training, Parenting, Minimizing Blue Light, and Controversial Guests (Breather Episode with Brad)


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An interesting mix of questions gives an opportunity to sound off on important insights covered in previous shows.

First, a cross country skier says hills and altitude causing elevated heart rates can require possibly more dietary carbs? I say find a way to slow down - same for me on the mountain bike! Gabrielle the super mum from Aussie land references the great show about Ashley Merryman and Po Bronson’s insights about effort-based praise in the book Nurtureshock and the epic 2007 New York Magazine article, The Power (And Peril) Of Praising Your Kids, that changed my approach to parenting forever.

Gabrielle makes great points about separating specific praise with declarations of love and also being proud of a child’s character instead of achievements. I mention how I’ve had incredibly disparate guests on the show, like vegan advocate Rip Esselstyn and carnivore leaders Dr. Paul Saladino and Dr. Shawn Baker. I reflect that I’m not an “in your face” host getting into controversy with my guests, as I prefer to cultivate an open mind and willingness to appreciate alternate points of view. Obviously, Rip and I have drastically disparate positions on healthy eating, but during our show and with our friendship, I prefer to focus on the incredible work he has done to motivate and inspire people to be healthy, and the common ground that we do share about healthy eating and living. Hopefully if I need to be badass at some point I will step up, we’ll see! Another commenter remembers the great show with boy wonder health expert Matt Maruca, founder of, and how he is taking Matt’s message to his adult kids and himself. He also notes his excitement for my next venture into food, Brad’s Macadamia Mix, a combination of superfoods blended together to form the most delectable, nutrient rich nut butter. Seriously, this stuff is so delicious you will be eating it straight out of the jar. Stay tuned for that, and keep the questions coming - I love receiving, and reading through such compelling commentary, so email your feedback and any and all questions you have.


Wade, a Nordic skier, has a question about maintaining heart rate. Is a low carb diet approach consistent with the extreme metabolic demands of this athlete? [06:12]

Even with altitude and hills, it’s important to continue to maintain the heart rate under the aerobic maximum. [08:39]

What is the role of carbohydrates in the lifestyle of a high performing athlete? [10:10]

Females need to pay particular heed in order to be fit for reproduction. [14:31]

Gabrielle asks about the parenting podcast where the message is: When praising kids, saying you’re proud of them specifically on their achievement is ill-advised. [18:01]

Should you tell your daughter she is pretty, when our culture tends to traffic on looks? [19:53]

Be careful connecting “I love you” with the talent, rather than the effort, as this damages self-esteem. [22:14]

Brad is suggesting we keep an open mind on vegan, vegetarian, carnivore diets. [23:31]

John is getting back into triathlon and working on getting competitive while staying healthy. [28:41]



  • “The essence of modern life is overfeeding of the cells. When your cells are depleted of energy, that’s when your cells start to do better at recycling old material, repairing, rejuvenating, rebuilding, and you become a more efficient human being - the same with fasting. So if you put those two together, you’re achieving the same goals to the extent that it’s possible to overstress the body and stimulate a flight or fight response.”
  • "Don’t pile on too many stress variables particularly if you’re a female - fasting and low carb is just too much."

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